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Partnering with the Private Sector to Introduce New Physical, Human, and Social Capital - Isolating Criteria for Success
Author(s): Scott Burd & Carolyn Currie
Date of publication: February 2004
Working paper number: 133
Governments are being pressured to provide better service, which is consistent, faster, and more accurate while effecting cost reductions, increasing employee morale and enhancing the business environment. This has been achieved in two ways - through Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) and through partnering with the private sector, rather than by outsourcing or privatisation. This paper reviews case studies where outcomes of ESD and partnering have been successful in order to highlight preconditions for success and characteristics of beneficial transformations.
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Known citations: Naik, G., Basavaraj, K. P., Sultana, N. and Rashmi, P., 2009, "Public Value Creation through Private Partnership: Lessons from Public Service Delivery in Karnataka, India", Working Paper Number: 315, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.