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Geographical Differences in Hospital Waiting Times
Author(s): Meliyanni Johar, Glenn Jones, Michael Keane, Elizabeth Savage & Olena Stavrunova
Date of publication: October 2011
Working paper number: 166
Access to elective surgery in Australian public hospitals is rationed using waiting lists. In this paper we undertake a DiNardo-Fortin-Lemieux rewrighting approach to attribute variation in waiting time to clinical need or to discrimination effect dominates clinical need especially in the upper tail of the waiting time distribution. We find evidence of favourable treatement of patients who reside in remote areas and discrimination in favour of patients residing in particular Area Health Services. These findings have policy implications for the design of equitable quality targets for public hospitals.
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Comments: Published as: Johar, M., Jones, G., Keane, M., Savage, E. J. and Stavrunova, O., 2012, "Geographic Differences in Hospital Waiting Times", Economic Record, 88(281), 165-181.