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The Destruction of a Safe Haven Asset?
Author(s): Dirk G. Baur and Kristoffer Glover
Date of publication: September 2012
Working paper number: 174
Gold has been a store of value for centuries and a safe haven for investors in the past decades. However, the increased investment in gold for speculative or hedging purposes has changed the safe haven property. We demonstrate theoretically and empirically that investor behaviour has the potential to destroy the safe haven property of gold. The results suggest that an asset cannot be both an investment asset and an effective safe haven asset. This finding has important implications for financial stability since assets are more likely to exhibit excess comovement and volatility in the absence of a safe haven.
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Comments: Published as: Baur, D. G. and Glover, K.,, 2012, “The Destruction of a Safe Haven Asset?”, Applied Finance Letters, 1(1),: 8–15.
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