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The Changing Political Economy of Australian Racism
Author(s): Jock Collins
Date of publication: October 1994
Working paper number: 41
The Australian labour market is undergoing fundamental change, following economic restructuring and industrial relations and vocational education reform. This article outlines the recent evidence relating to unequal outcomes for immigrants from non English-speaking background and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Australian labour market. It then argues that, rather than meritocratic, these outcomes are partially the result of racial discrimination. The paper then considers the social and economic contradictions of racial discrimination in Australia today.
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Published as: Collins, J., 1996, "The Changing Political Economy of Australian Racism", in S. Castles and E. Vasta (eds) The Teeth are Smiling: The Persistence of Racism in Multicultural Australia, Allen and Unwin, Sydney, pp. 73-96.

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