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Immigration and Labor Government in Australia: 1983-95
Author(s): Jock Collins
Date of publication: March 1995
Working paper number: 45
The aim of this article is to review the track record of the Labor Government (1983-9S) on matters related to immigration and ethnic diversity. The article first reviews the changes in the size and composition of immigration intakes since 1983 and looks at the controversies surrounding the refugee and business migration programs. It then reviews the Labor record on multiculturalism and settlement issues, including the issues of citizenship and racism. The major immigration reports commissioned by Labor, the Review of Migrant and Multicultural Programs and Services, the Commillee to Advise on Australia's Immigration Policies, as also critically reviewed. The major immigration debates of the period of Labor office are canvassed, as are the changing socio-economic circumstances of Australia's immigrants over the Labor period.
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